What’s Coming

He y’all. With last post being about the past, I decided that before I get back to traditional reviews, I should swing from the past to the future perspective and discuss books I’m happily anticipating. I’m talking about up and coming releases here. Book releases are my favorite type of big events to celebrate, because they can usually be celebrated by going out really quick to grab a book then quickly returning home to your favorite comfy chair and reading for the next twenty-four consecutive hours. Sure, there are some fancy parties you can go to in fan costume or cocktail dress, but those are strictly optional affairs for people with time and money. I, all too often, have neither, but I’m still looking forward to getting my hand on these newcomers, and hopefully I’ll give you an excuse to cancel all your plans for however many nights you choose and celebrate a new favorite of yours coming out with all the pomp and circumstance of some pj pants and some hot cocoa. Like an adult.

1. Trigger Warning: Short Fiction and Disturbances (Neil Gaiman.) This one’s coming out on February 3rd. I’m pretty glad to see another short story from him coming out. I’ve got an American Gods t-shirt at home and everything; his novels are certainly now jokes. However, I feel his short stories always seemed, to me, to more sharply focus his talents. His short stories are usually dleightful little supernatural incident garnished with a slightly… disturbing (a the title! I get it!) or jarring air.

2. Funny Girl (Nick Hornby): Also coming out on February 3rd. With Nick Hornby, the attractor factor for me is the delightful cast of characters. I read About a Boy at a relatively young age. I sometimes experimented with reading grown up books if I thought they’d interest me, but at that point it could be a real hit or miss. I figured, it’s about a boy. I know boys. This could work. Luckily for me Hornby not only knew how to actually write kids, but all his chrarcters so well. I was really able to connect with each of the characters and sympathize with them through their struggles. Funny Girl also branches a bit into the historical genre, so that tickles my fancy too.

3. Dead Wake (Erik Larson): When it comes to historical fiction, they don’t get much better than this. Mr. Larson is the brilliant mind behind In the Garden of the Beasts and Devil in the White City. This guy is just magical when it comes to writing compelling historical accounts, at finding the human core of each event he covers. This one’s about the sinking of the Lusitania, which I don’t think I’ve read about since my high school history class. Luckily, Larson’s books are always ten million times more interesting than any history textbook. Even the ones with lots of pictures.

4. Ms. Marvel Volume 2: Generation Why (G. Willow Wilson): This one’s coming out March 25th. Really, I just hope we get to hear as much from Kamala Khan as possible.  The comic is, in my opinion, solidly written and enjoyable as far as Marvel fair goes, and is one of the big successes forcing the old superhero giants like Marvel come out of the Dark Ages and depict people other than straight white men as heroes and complex, fully formed human beings, with or without giant fists of fury and shape-shifting powers.

5. The Winds of Winter (George R.R. Martin); This one, this is just a rumor aided by someone saying George Martin said he hoped to finish the book this year. I just keep hoping, you know? Gah, I just can’t stand it! I’ll wait for you forever GOT, baby, but you see this? You see this entry right here? I need you baby, but you never answer my calls! Oh God just make it happen already! Yeah, this whole article may have been a pretense for me to bemoan into the void my hunger for dragons and white walkers.


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