Pinned ya!

Hey guys. I’d write a longer, more nuanced and insightful post but I’m to busy fortifying my snow fort and fending off white-walkers. North Central College, the source of most of my stress and massive financial debt and next to none of my photogenically educational experiences involving at least one black person, despite what the brochures say, actually cancelled class today. That just never happens. They were shamed by a really bad run a year or two ago that led to almost a full week of school cancelled during some sub-zero snowy weather. They only just worked up the courage to announce school was cancelled at 6 am this morning. Good for them, though. I’m sure that no fewer than three snow phalluses (phallusi? phallusesiseess? I haven’t covered this in my linguistics class yet, sorry,) shall be erected on campus in honor of their decision, as they are every year.

I can’t really call myself a fan of the whole snow-penis craze, so what was I to do with a day suddenly cleared of all plans? Well, I decided to broaden my horizons some and start a new hobby. I do pinterest now. For some reason, this actually makes me feel like a wise person who has truly done something for society with my day off. I suppose both the internet and the intrepid young men trying to roll two giant snowballs together for the testicular base to their sculpture outside my window right this moment are inflating my sense of contribution and productivity.

Surprisingly enough I only have one board devoted to foods I have to eat RIGHT THIS SECOND , (helloooo Parmesan tortellini bites,) and most of them are very literary minded. I’ve got book recommendations, funny book quotes, and art inspired by some of my favorite book series. I suppose now I just have to share it with you guys. Here you go:

I’ll almost certainly try to incorporate some of the stuff I’m pinning into later posts, because pinterest is amazing and some people feel just as inspired by reading the same books as I do, and I have the beautiful pinterest art to prove it. I’ll leave you with a little preview then get back to pinning cupcake recipes and F=John Green quotes.


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