Brave New Live Tweet

I’ve tried to become more pro-active on social media since starting this blog. Perhaps you noticed, what with my recent attempt at pinterest. I’ve made myself promise, for the sake of this blog, to take a whack at media I’d never try on my own before. So far, I felt like I was making pretty good on that promise. One medium, though, is something I’ve been approaching with more trepidation than others, the Twitter.

I have an account, as you can probably see in the sidebar, but you can probably also see that I only use it to announce when I have a new blog post out and to retweet funny Onion articles. I really feel like I could be doing more with the medium, is what I’m saying, and so I’m going to try something a little different.

Live tweeting, that’s a thing. I read about it, and read some live tweets. I could maybe do that, and if I couldn’t, at least the internet can be a relatively quiet, anonymous place to fail if you don’t really wow anyone. As long as I don’t fail by hilariously or horribly misappropriating  a hashtag or inadvertently call any famous people a racial slur (it has to be inadvertent. Advertent slurs are a dime a dozen,) then I don’t think too many people will care. There. You know you gave a good pep talk was entirely about how failing won’t necessarily feel so miserable.

Okay, that being established, what will I live tweet? Here’s what made me decide to devote a whole post to this little preview. I think, in lieu of reviewing a book here, I’ll live tweet it. I know, I’m pretty sure that’s not a think either, but here me out. I can’t think of a subject more related to what I’m all about here on this blog. It will be live, as I’m reading it. In many ways, it’ll probably be more accessible than a live tweet of a TV show, movie, or event, because I’ll be picking up a book anyone can, anywhere, at any time. I promise to pick one where spoilers won’t be an issue anyway.

I’m thinking something like poetry or a story collection, because that just feels more tweet friendly, with more places for pauses and ponderings. I’ve included a poll in case anyone is interested in helping me decide what kind of book to live tweet.

It won’t be the same as the more in depth, focused reviews I do here on this blog, hence my reticence towards adopting the media in general, but I do think the idea is interesting enough to give it a try. At the very least, live tweeting a book means I won’t have to leave the house this weekend, and neither do you. I swear, this gray sky weather is turning me into a hermit. Can you be a hermit with a twitter account? Yeah, actually. I’m pretty sure a hermit’s one of the easiest thing to be with a decent internet connection.


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