I Came, I Twitted, I’m Okay Now.

Hey guys, I just wanted to talked about my attempt at a paradigm shifting book review tactic, or half-assed attempt at experimenting with twitter. Take your pick. I didn’t have anyone special to go mooning after this past Valentines day, so I went home to visit my parents and sister. Proving they love me like no one else does, my parents got my a book written by George R.R. Martin, Elio Garcia, and Linda Antonsson called The World of Fire and IceThe Untold History of Westeros and Game of Thrones. (For hard core fans, I should note that technically this book definitely covers even the furthest back ancient history of Essos, Sothos, and the entirety of the Game of Thrones world, not just Westeros.) I of course shoved aside any previous live tweet plans and sat down to live tweet a reaactionary review to this book this past Sunday.

It was a beautiful book, and a highly illuminating one too. GOT lore is notoriously vast and under-explained in the story itself. I’d call it a sort of illustrated Simarillion of sorts. I’m still amazed at how beautiful the illustrations were in that book, so I’ll show one more of my favorites here.


Chapter illustration from the World of Ice and Fire

Okay, but back to the whole attempt at live tweeting itself. I’ll admit I was getting more and more intrigued by the idea. I definitely considered that minute by minute interaction with the text or event I was interacting with would provide a new, interesting take on things. I was still uncertain because of my relative inexperience with tweeting, but figured I could still  explore the possibilities of a play-by-play book  review.

I found tweeting a book no more disruptive than tweeting a film or event like an Oscar. I could at least pause and resume a text to quickly tweet without missing a moment. So I did feel like this was a preferable live tweet scenario. However, I ended up feeling that the ideal book review, for lengthier and complex texts, would still be in blog form.

I expected that tweeting all 217 pages would be an impossible task, and planned on cutting shy of the whole book anyway, so I new that was a shortcoming in advance. However, I couldn’t help that my tweets were more focused on my reactions to bits and pieces I read as opposed to the more connective, big picture issues I enjoy discussing in my book reviews. I love discussing how this or that book shaped my life or made me think about something differently. That vein of discussion is difficult enough in 140 character bits, and even more so when focusing on individual passages or pictures. Maybe the idea is there, but I cannot point it out so readily for my readers. I daresay I’d react the same way if I chose to review a film, TV episode.

I’ll definitely continue to experiment with Twitter and other social media matters to grow and promote my blog, but I’m definitely over embracing Twitter as one of my primary social media sites. All things considered, I’m glad I tried, but maybe next time I want to tweet my reaction to a new book or some fancy book news, I’ll tweet a link to this here blog, where I can really play around with my thoughts. Hopefully I can make them into something really pretty for all of you guys.


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