Waiting in the Wings

I’m in the midst of the final week of my winter term. It’s getting pretty heavy and the only thing keeping going is the faint glimmer of Spring Break trying to shine around the mass of madness piling up on my desk. I can’t say I’ve got a whole bunch of special plans or anything for Spring Break, not any trips or adventures. I do, though, have a whole heap of books waiting for me at home. My best springtime dreams involve actually getting through one or two of them, maybe while sitting outside somewhere so I don’t feel like a total hermit. Some of these guys have been on my waiting list quite a while, and others I only recently added to my shamefully large hoard. All of them, though, are books I’m considering to read and then review for this blog. How about I give a little you guys a little taste of what’s on my list? If you like, I’d gladly accept input on what to read and then review next. Here’s a breakdown of what’s waiting in the wings:

1. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a bit of a travesty that I’m such a fan of both sci-fi and British snark and I’ve somehow avoided reading these, or so I’ve been told. I bought the first one meaning to start reading it but somehow that pile of Discworld books just keep getting in the way. I’ve certainly had enough of the references dripped into my brain somehow; 42, those petunias, babelfish, etc. I’d definitely love to be able to talk about it on this blog.

2. The Brother’s Grimm Fairytales. No, not a picture book, but a thick collection of the traditional tales written by the brothers themselves. They’re translated into English of course, but other than that they’re pretty much the original fairy tales. I make a point of trying to read these, because fractured fairy tales have become a bit of a popular gag recently, but people forget that the safe, Disney version is already fractured. These older tales by the Brothers Grimm have a whole lot more horrific violence, child and animal abuse, and even some weird sex stuff. I’ve read at least enough of these tales to know that, but not nearly all of them, so I’m rather interested in what other sordid skeletons Snow White or Cinderella have in their closet.

3. Walking Dead series. Okay, so technically I’ve read just about all these books, but I fell behind during my fall term and so now I know I have at least one or two I need to read to catch up. I know I’ve certainly read more than enough to review them here, but some weird part in my brain just won’t let me unlock that achievement yet, so to speak, until I’ve read every available volume. I promise that one will be coming though.

4, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? You might better recognize this title as Bladerunner. It’s the book, anyhow, that the movie was based off of. Philip K. Dick, the writer of this novel, has in fact wrote the stories behind a huge chunk of the sci-fi blockbusters out there. Specifically, his short stories and books where adapted into screenplays, and many times they actually kept his original title, unlike with this Android Sheep name here. He’s also responsible for hits like Total Recall and Minority Report. The dude was a pulp magazine writer that didn’t get nearly enough acknowledgement for his work, in my writerly opinion. I guess wanting to read all his books is a way of rectifying that.

5. Jane Eyre. Okay, so I’m an female English major, the spawn of an English teacher and librarian at that, and so it’s apparently another crime against humanity that I’ve yet to read Jane Eyre. It took me forever to read Pride and Prejudice too, because I don’t really go for period romances or romances in general, but I apparently have to read this otherwise my secret English Majors cult will ritually sacrifice me to the book gods. Once I finish this one, I think They’ll be forced to get off my back and then I can read something that doesn’t involve petticoats getting all in a flutter from trying to guess a man or woman’s true romantic intentions. ugh, (unless it’s a parody, then I’ll consider it.) Jane Eyre is at least supposed to be kind of spooky, I think, all Gothic and whatnot.

6. Just, piles and piles of Discworld books. What can I say? I just pick them up wherever I can, assuming I’ll get to them sooner or later. Really, though, If I keep picking these babies up at the rate I’m going, I’ll be crushed to death under their weight before I’ve read even half of them.

Well, that’s what I’ve got waiting for me this Spring. Any suggestions? Any titles or subjects peak your interest for the next review? Leave a comment or two below and I’ll be sure to try and take it into consideration over my wild and crazy Spring Break. What have you got waiting in the wings on your book shelf?


One thought on “Waiting in the Wings

  1. Spring break is a great time to catch up on some books, especially with this lovely weather. I wish I had some down time long enough to finish a book. I’ve read a few of these books on your list and by far, the Grimm Fairy tales is one of my favorites. I used to read them as a child and they terrified me. Its definitely a great read! Another one you may want to check out is House of Leaves if you have a bit of time. Reading it the first time, I had to stop and walk away from reading it at times. Its a very interesting read, and its very underrated for they style that its written in. Hope you find some more books!


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