5 Reasons a Bibliophile Can Love C2E2

Hey you guys. I can’t lie. My heart’s all aflutter right now. If I didn’t have classes and meetings and so forth filling up my Friday, I might even start to sing, or fly straight to down town Chicago already. C2E2 is here, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. It’s Comic Con basically, but with more television and entertainment guests. It starts today, Friday, but because I’m an adult that still has stuff to do right now and can’t make it today. I’ll be all over that place come Saturday, though. Now, I’m a bibliophile above all else. I do enjoy reading comics, but I can’t consider myself nearly as hard core fans you find at the average convention center. Cosplaying is entirely out of my expertise or even comfort zone, and even with my developing comic know-how I mostly have to nod and smile through conversations about casting choices for the latest comics to TV project Marvel and DC now seem to be birthing like a bunch of fertile, cash cow rabbits. That’s a hybrid between a cow, money, and rabbits people, an utter abomination. Make them stop!

Sorry, got off topic there for a minute. There are things I’m definitely super psyched about in my little book lover’s heart that might also encourage some other lvl 1 nerds or merely nerd-curious book lovers to check out conventions like these.

1. There are literary guests. I mean, aside from the writers of  comics and stuff, there will be guests that don’t have loads of pictures in there books. Of course. I’m looking forward chiefly to see Jim Butcher, writer of the Dresden files,  an stellar urban fantasy series I’ll probably review later. They’ve also got names like Patrick Rothfuss and Charlaine Harris, big names in the sci-fi fantasy community, by any measure. I’d be excited enough to see them and the other guests I still haven’t mentioned easily enough by themselves, but of course C2E2 has more than that.

2. The Panels. There are plenty of panels discussing the more ridiculously obscure pieces of comics, an the less obscure pieces of TV shows I don’t watch so it still doesn’t help me. This is not to say I’m not planning on visiting some TV stars, like some Agents of SHIELD or Jason Momoa’s, (aka Khal Drogo) perfectly sculpted and tattooed arms, but you don’t have to worry if those aren’t bookish enough for you. They have  have panels discussing issues such as world building in sci-fi/fantasy works, the genre of high fantasy, and how to progress a story’s plot. No joke, Hopeful writers or even readers that feel like getting in an especially nerdy English seminar of sorts should find these panels extremely enjoyable.

3. Bookseller. There will be books, print books. Sooooooo many print books. The booths that cover the convention floor are ripe with just about any type of merch you could imagine, and books are a pretty easy to imagine. I see them every time I close my eyes. Plenty of publishers and booksellers will be there, even my dearly beloved Anderson’s. Even with my books-in-waiting shelf full to bursting, I will drag such a big sack of books out of there that I may or may not accidentally crush an adorable child cosplaying as Finn from Adventure Time on my way out.

4. Game of Thrones! Well, I mean, I’m losing my marbles the most about any Song of Ice and Fire stuff I can pick up and, as previously mentioned, meeting Khal Drogo’s biceps. While it is a popular book series with a hardcore fandom, I should clarify that just about any sci-fi/ fantasy book series fandom can find solace and joy at C2E2. Go ahead and prove to those comic nerds that you are more hard core than them by making their head spin with Harry Potter Trivia when they try to ask you your opinion about Hawk and Dove’s latest story arc. Stuff your tote bag with wands, one rings to rule them all, and House Stark t-shirts. You’re non-comic fandom will most certainly find some kind of representation, if it’s on the more sci-fi fantasy end of the realm.

5. Because it’s nice. Actually, the above scenario, with people angrily quizzing you to see if you truly belong with the coolest of nerds, actually just about never happens. As a general rule, the lore might be obscure and unknown to you, but people are generally very friendly at C2E2. Everyone is there to see their friends, favorite writers, favorite characters, and buy cool stuff. Who’s gonna want to spoil that moment by sniping someone with comments about their poor knowledge of the DC worlds, (yeah, they apparently have more than one.)

Okay, so that last answer proves that just about anyone can have a fun time at C2E2, and bibliophiles are, of course, no exception. It’s a fun time in a great atmosphere with plenty of books, both with and without pictures. Whether you feel like having some really nice people introduce you to a couple super hero story arcs, or just check out the latest stuff from Quirk books, other publishers, and of course bookstores like darling Anderson’s.

Alright, that’s it. I can’t wait anymore! I’m blowing off the rest of my schedule and running over to Chicago on pure fangirl energy, so Loras Tyrell, Khal Drogo, and I can all become the best of friends and have even more bonding time. It’s a great time to be a bibliophile this weekend.


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