Waiting for the Perfect Book

We do live in a wonderful modern age, one where we can get pretty much anything we want, whenever we want, what with the internet and all that. Books, especially, are easier than ever to get your hands on, what with digital, print, and audio formats available.  Even if you get most of your books in the archaic old paper form, like me, you’re still likely to get them very quickly with a quick drive over to the bookstore or library. I knew I’d entered the modern age when Amazon delivered my copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to my house on the same day it was released.

Sometimes, though, even in this fast paced world, you have to wait, wait for books only a total monster would deny you if they could see how desperately you’re squirming for that read on the inside. Perhaps your favorite book has yet to be released. Perhaps you might have ordered a copy from your bookstore of choice and are waiting for delivery. Perhaps you, like me, are at the ridiculously long end of a waiting list at your local library for a book because you’re just too financially impaired, (or cheap, as some people who were apparently sent off to college with gold bricks in their pants, like to call me) to just go out and buy the book.

Right now, I’m on the waiting list for several books that I fancied reading and ordered from any library that could promise delivery of less than an eon and a loan time longer than enough time to smell the cover and hand it over to the next person in line. That’s the sort of problem you can face with new releases and hot items. It’s a tense time, and I’m hoping to distract myself for a few of these agonizing hours by giving you some advice and support for any future encounter you might have with unbearable waits for books and release date.

1. Distract Yourself. Go for a jog. Do some chores. Finish your latest watercolor landscape. Learn Portuguese. Do something, anything, to remind you of the world outside of your comfiest chair and the nearby bookshelf. The sun, it is most painfully bright, I know, but go slap some SPF on and befriend it until you’re positive your books simply must’ve arrived.

2. Read Something Else. Okay, you’ve killed, like, five minutes. No books. Now what? Well, look at that big pile of books in the corner, the ones you really should’ve read by now. Carefully, pick one out that you can probably finish right as the new book you actually want to read arrives. If you don’t finish it before the new book comes in, toss it back into the pile of shame and let it stare at you with hurt and pain in its eyes while you read your new book.

3. Share the Grief. Perhaps you could start up a book blog and spend all the time you could be reading prattling away to a small cluster of very kind and patient book nerds. In their own tender eyes you can see their pain and agony over part twos and debuts yet released. Woe is us, book nerds, woe is us!

Poo, it didn’t work. My books aren’t here yet. Oh well. Next week, how to deal with reading fifty different books you ordered weeks apart that managed to all show up at the same time anyhow!


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