Giving Thanks on Black Friday

Okay everyone, I know yesterday was the last day for giving thanks and now we’re all supposed to be stabbing each other in the back for five dollar plasma TVs, but I’m choosing to give thanks today as well. This is a new idea for me. Really, I typically choose to “celebrate” Black Friday by hiding form any and all commercial retail areas and trying to remain perfectly chill so they can’t find me and then the mobs and mobs of people will come thinking I’m trying to take away their discount toaster ovens from them and oh God no they’re coming… I can hear them…

Never mind. That was the TV. I’m fine, just a little anxious. Okay, so, in order to calm myself recapture some of the lovely time I had yesterday, with all the turkey, stuffing, and family, I’m coming up with a short list of things I’m thankful for, Short because, come on you guys, it is still a holiday break, and I’ve got leftovers to eat. Most of these things are book related, because of course they are. Here we go.

  1. Scrap pieces of paper that just happen to make perfect improvised bookmarks
  2. Comfy chairs for book reading
  3. Tea for the comfy chair for book reading. (Maybe use the little pouch the tea bag came in as an improvised bookmark?)
  4. The smell of new books
  5. The smell of old books
  6. The smell of books of a certain age
  7. Libraries with forgiving lateness policies, or else librarians you can bribe to fudge the numbers for you
  8. Bookstores not afraid to go the heavy discount route because they know there are poor college students out in the world who already have to pay upwards of a hundred dollars for books they didn’t even really want
  9. Holidays that allow you to catch up with your reading then fall behind again when friends and family give you the ” 1 metric ton” of books you specifically asked for.
  10. All of my lovely readers, of course! God bless them, everyone.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving, and that you won’t let the onslaught of murder shopping and commercialism take away the chance to be thankful, which should really fit in no matter the season.



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