Happy National Library Week!

Hey everyone, did you know this was National Library Week? Guess I should’ve tried to let you know sooner. Are you having flash backs to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Don’t worry, there’s still time. Run to Hallmark to grab a card and flowers! Go, before they think you don’t love them!

Just kidding. As far as I know, gifts are not required for National Library Week. I mean, I didn’t check too closely anyway, because I wouldn’t be in any sort of shape to give my local library anything nice.

“Oh, hey, that nice college girl left us a chicken flavored Cup Noodle! What a sweetie!”

No, National Library Week is more of a time to appreciate everything libraries do for us. Libraries generally have programming and the like this week to celebrate that. I try to treat any and all libraries in my vicinity beca second home to me, so I am definitely the sort who should be thanking libraries for all they’ve given me. Hopefully that will be as good if not better than instant ramen packets with bows tied on them.

Libraries are a place I can walk in almost anytime and be welcomed. They don’t ask for money or special membership. Anyone is encouraged to come in, and I’m lucky enough that these amazing, welcoming buildings all have books in them, and people ready to help you find whatever book you want. It feels like a crazy miracle when I take a step back and look at it like that. As far as I know, there’s no place you can borrow a free puppy or motorcycle, so libraries really are a special place, and I’m lucky enough to be in love with what they have to offer. Not everyone else with a passion can say the same.

There’s this chair in the public library I hang out at now. It’s a low down, comfy, reading chair in a sunny reading room. My name’s not on it or anything, but I’d sit there every time I found some spare time to spend and a good book to sit down with, (okay, that second one isn’t so hard.) I went through some pretty dark times when I first came to the neighborhood. Sometimes, the only thing I could look forward to was sitting down in that chair and reading for a while. Sometimes, I wasn’t even sure I could get any joy out of that, but I kept coming, day after day. Chair buddy was always there. Chair buddy didn’t care how I felt or looked when I slouched over to sit down and read a while. It accepted me and my tired ole butt every time. I fell in love with that chair, and I suppose the library as a whole, because of how good it felt just to have a place that welcomed me whenever I came in, especially when I didn’t feel all that welcomed anywhere else.

As much as I love books, I love even more that there is a place, or rather, hundreds of hundreds of places across the country that will welcome me and my love of books, regardless of how many Cup Noodles I can or cannot get them for their special day.

If you feel the same way, now’s the perfect time to let them know. Happy National Library Week.


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