Celebrating Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is already out as a well acclaimed play in London. It’s doing well enough that I kind of wish I hadn’t used my budgeted theater ticket black magic summoning to get Hamilton tickets. I mean, I would technically have to summon both plane tickets to London and a ticket to see the play, and that is really out of my black magic budget. Instead, I’ve been gazing from afar with the internet, looking at every article and collection of photographs I can find. It’s a rather sad and lonely way to celebrate something I love so much.

Luckily for me and everyone else unable to see the play in London, there’s another way to celebrate. Once again, books come to the rescue. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘s script will be published and released as what you could technically call the 8th Harry Potter book. I never thought this was a chance I’d get to see again, a chance to celebrate another Harry Potter book. I was pretty young when most of the other books came out, so going to midnight release parties or planning elaborate celebrations was pretty much out of the question. This is a new chance for me.

At the same time, we are celebrating the release of a script here, not a traditional novel, so in some ways, this could make for a different experience when  compared to Potter parties past. With a play script, I thought maybe a dramatic table read, (costumes/wardrobes optional,) would be an interesting twist to the celebrations, but really I know we’d all be too busy balling our eyes out to get through reading the script out loud, based on what reviewers say. We might just need some quiet time to read the script through teary eyes before doing any table read parties.

There’s still plenty of other ways you could celebrate Cursed Child though. You could break out the Butter Beer, Bertie Bott’s beans and other magical sweet treats. I always appreciate an excuse for that. You could try out a number of different Harry Potter crafts you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest or Buzzfeed. I’ve got a few favorites, including a DIY wand craft that gave me a pretty convincing wand with just some hot glue, a chopstick and some paint. There are some pretty cool bookmark designs I’m interested in trying out too.

If you’re too lazy to plan out and organize your own party, that’s okay. There’s more than enough celebrations you can attend. I’m mainly thinking of bookstores here. Many of them are doing midnight release parties. I found myself a list of bookstores celebrating the occasion in the Chicago area. My beloved Anderson’s Books was on the list, of course.

Really, there are just so many ways I could celebrate Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that I don’t think I can fit all of it into just one day. I may just have to let myself have a multi-day Potter festival. Even then, I’ll probably have enough passion left over that I may have to just wait and hope for another Harry Potter book to come out. Sigh. The life of a book nerd is a harrowing one indeed. Still, I’ll definitely be enjoying my Harry Potter festival while it’s here. I hope you get the chance to do the same and celebrate yet another chance to step into Rowling’s wizarding world.


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