Great Holiday Book Gifts

The beginning of December is upon us, and so is holiday shopping season. You might be wondering what to get the book lover in your life, as I am. You see, a huge part of the reason why I’m a book lover is than most of my family members are book lovers too, and every year I have to figure out what book to buy for each of them. I’ve been doing this for a while though, so I’m pretty good at it. If you’re not sure what the best books for your family are, take a look at this list I’ve made, which includes some of the hottest books this holiday season, and who you should pair them up with.

1. Cooking for Jeffrey by Ina Garten (aka the Barefoot Contessa)

If you’re thinking you need to buy a cookbook, choosing one by a celebrity chef is usually a safe bet, especially one that is generally revered and beloved, like the Barefoot Contessa. It’s more likely that your relatives will like them if you aren’t sure what they like, and if they don’t, it’s their fault. How dare you not kneel before the Barefoot Contessa and her cooking wisdom mother! Cooking for Jeffrey is Garten’s newest book, made up of recipes her husband “approves” of, whatever that means. I guess middle aged men are the pickiest eaters after babies now, and babies at least have the excuse of only recently learning the whole solid foods thing.

Who To Give this to: Your Mom, Aunt, or another relative that is likely to love cooking and the Barefoot Contessa.

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling

This is another script, or rather screenplay in a book from J.K. Rowling, the script for the new movie of the same name to be exact. I liked the movie quite a bit actually, but I’m not entirely sure why this exists. It’s one thing for The Cursed Child script, which is a play you can only see in London right now, but this is a movie you can see all over the world, which will eventually come out on DVD. They distract us from this obvious fact by making the cover look unbelievably gorgeous, a deep blue background with the title embellished with fancy gold designs all over the cover. Frankly, I’d by it just for the cover. It makes a great addition to the hoard of Harry Potter collectibles any nerd keeps in their room.

Who to give this to: Your nerdiest relative, for sure. Maybe a sibling or cousin that grew up reading the Harry Potter books with you. Even if they aren’t really into the books anymore, they cannot deny you got them a book with one sexy cover.

3. Born to Run By Bruce Springsteen

This book has been out for a little bit already, but it is Springsteen’s own official memoir about his time as a musician, and what that calling has meant to him over the years. He’s one of those icons you can generally assume most people adore, so don’t just be looking for your biggest music aficiando relative. It’s a really solid gift idea for anyone with parents or family that grew up with his music. Springsteen worked on this thing for seven years before publishing it, so it’s probably not just celebrity cash-grab. I haven’t read this one yet because the music that makes me feel young, alive, and rebellious is still being written and played on the radio. Boo yah! Eat it oldsters.

Who to give this to: Your dad or uncle so he can feel cool and young again. Maybe he’ll get all emotional after reading it and show you a picture of when he actually had hair.

4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down by Jeff Kinney

This is, I believe, the 11th book in the “Wimpy Kid” series now. When they first started, I was actually young enough to read them and not be stared at by suspicious parents wondering who this lumbering adult is invading their children’s reading space. These books are for the young and young at heart too people! This whole series is really funny and popular with kids, enough so that there were two movies made based of the books. That’s not all of the books, but that’s a lot, and they weren’t handled by Hollywood too terribly either, which is always nice. Also, be sure to get a receipt with it, because the kid your giving it to will very likely already have the book, especially if they are a serious fan. These things are that popular, a “rush to the store the day the new one comes out” deal. Don’t worry though; it’s not about the gift. You just need to show those whippersnappers that you’re that hip, and you know what the kids are reading these days.

Who to give this to: Your youngest cousins or siblings. No, not infant young. It has pictures in it but this book isn’t that easy. Try grade school and up.

There you go, some book suggestions for all generations and family members. You could just, I don’t know, ask your family what they want for Christmas, but why do that when you can come to a master? You’re welcome, and Happy Holidays!


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