How Unfortunate.

Sorry, the person you are trying to reach is now binge watching a Netflix show based on a beloved series from her childhood. Please leave a message after the beep. *beeeeeeep*

If all has gone right with the world, I’ll be ignoring all my homework today and taking in the new Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. This was a lengthy series that I liked reading when I was younger. The intriguing mystery of the Baudelaire orphans’ family and VFD and Count Olaf made all the books fun to read through and a pain to wait for. I remember being nervous, and then ultimately disappointed when Hollywood thought they could make a movie out of the first three books. I mean, they weren’t Harry Potter or anything but jamming three distinct books into one Jim Carrey extravaganza was too much. Still, even at that age it was not the first time Hollywood had wrecked a book I cared about, so I didn’t let it get to me.

Years later and, I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even thought about that series or the ill-fated film adaptation in a while. Then Netflix started teasing the series. I’ll be honest, part of me wondered if kids would know or care about this series still, what with me being such an old crone and all, but another part was instantly relieved of a regret I didn’t realize I had, even though I hadn’t yet seen the series at all. I still haven’t, of course, because obviously this post was created before I locked myself into the Netflix bunker, but I know that a standard quality Netflix series will be much more capable of treating the books to an adaptation they deserve. Sure, adapting books into a TV series or miniseries is bordering on cliche now, but looking at Series of Unfortunate Events, I know there’s a reason for that. Books, especially book series, are just better able to breath when they are more room to breathe. Readers don’t have to hear about why there favorite scene was cut for budget and time constraints in a TV series, (unless you’re a fan of Game of Thrones or some other series so dense people still have to cut it down.)

Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day, but this one seems pretty lucky because I’ll be able to revisit and rediscover that enjoyed as a kid and A Series of Unfortunate Events will get to enjoy a new audience and a new chance in this crazy moving picture biz.


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