Conjuring a Brilliant Finale

There’s not much better about being a book lover than that sudden rush you get when a book that you’ve been waiting forever for, (or at least, it feels like forever,) finally comes out, and you let a sudden, crazy rush of energy fuel you as you run and pounce on the nearest copy of the book you can get before devouring it. I got to indulge myself in this geeky rush earlier this week when I discovered A Conjuring of Light, the final book in V.E. Schwab’s  Shades of Magic series was released. Schwab dastardly ended the previous book in the series, A Gathering of Shadows, on a seriously high-stakes cliffhanger that left me tearing out my hear, so my excitement for this final book was even higher than normal. I’m in the thick of reading it right now, and so far it’s been more than worth the wait.

I don’t plan on giving a fully comprehensive review because I haven’t finished reading the book, which is notably longer than the other two, and it is the finale. I want to convince you to read the series, not spoil the whole entire thing.

I’m definitely not complaining about the book’s length. That’s just more time I get to spend in a fantastically inventive world, or worlds. As I mentioned in passing before when I referenced the series, these books take place in a couple different worlds, all layered over each other, all very different and unique, but all with a city called London in the exact same place. Red London is where the bulk of the action takes place, Grey London is actually our own London during the tale end of the reign of King George III. White London is a dangerous, magic-starved world and Black London is best left unspoken of. The series has dueling magicians, pirates, nobles, pirate nobles, and plenty of royal intrigue.

Schwab has a big job ahead of her in Conjuring, wrapping up all the plots, subplots and character arcs. That’s always the scariest part of any series ending, seeing if everything can be wrapped up satisfactorily. I find that, especially with popular series, you always wind up finding some people disappointed. I tend to be on the optimistic side with series that I’ve invested so much love and time into, seeing only the best in them. I’ve endured bloody, deadly, tragic endings and, (perhaps even more,) happy endings trying much too hard to adorn every possible surface with sentimental and frilly wrapped-up bows, but I still try to see the best in any big ending.

Schwab, though, is a highly experienced writer who’s written and concluded many books, and even another series, so I have no problem keeping faith in her and encouraging everyone I come across to try this series out. I’ve seen each book get progressively more buzz as it came out, and it warms my heart to see more and more people read and enjoy a series I love so much. That is one of the other chief joys of being a book lover, sharing that passionate frenzy over discovering a new read.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out this series! It’s a great, exploratory fantasy riff that’s original and engaging. You don’t even have to wait the agonizing months I did to resolve the second book’s brutal cliffhanger anymore. Just race out to the nearest bookstore and pick up the next one. Trust me, you’ll want to. This series is that addiciting.


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