Hey guys! My name is Madeline Wierzal. If you feel like contacting me, hit me up on Facebook, ( or Twitter. My handle is @mkwierzal. If you want to go real hardcore bibliophile, you might have noticed I have a goodreads account too,

Maybe just go out in your backyard and shout really loudly if those aren’t enough for you. You’ll probably interrupt me from reading a very good book (or watching a funny youtube video about puppies in all honesty,) so either way make sure its worth it. Will you give me cake, maybe?  Through the internet? I could maybe fit a Twix bar in my USB port and try and send it to you. My mother always told me you should bring someone food when you meet them for the first time. I don’t think she has a Facebook though, or a blog, but still.


One thought on “Contact

  1. Loved, loved, loved your 5 Ways to Pick a Book!!!
    Now I can face the summer with a steady supply of good reads!
    Thanks for your tips and your sense of humor…you bring smiles to my day!!!


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